For information and to register phone:  250-893-0606

1.0. Day & evening classes

Dates: Ongoing, May thru June 21, 2017

2.0. Summer Session

Brochure - Summer, 2017 (PDF)

2.1. Summer Art Classes : Art of Abstracting

Date & Time: June 26-30, 10am-5pm daily

Fee:  $500 + GST

Methods, Mediums and Techniques for Abstracting from the Figure, Landscape, Architecture and Objects.

2.2. Creative Studio

Date & Time:  July 10-14, 10am-5pm daily

Fee:  $500 + GST

A week long immersion in a self directed creative project. Support, guidance and technical help in defining and carrying out a series of art works in a chosen medium, including drawing, painting, Plasticine…

2.3. Abstracting the Portrait

Date & Time:  July 31-August 4, 10am-5pm daily

Fee:  $500 + GST

Exploring the relationship between image, medium and style in relation to the Portrait. Methods and techniques for processing visual information derived from photography, direct observation and memory.

2.4. Abstraction

Date & Time:  August 21-25, 10am-5pm daily

Fee:  $500 + GST

Creating abstract paintings derived from the ideas, methodologies and mediums developed by the Abstract Expressionist of the 20th Century, with an eye on current artists whose works embody the multitude of directions and styles inherent in Abstraction.

3.0. Fall Session

Dates: September 11-November 29, 2017

Brochure - Fall, 2017 (PDF)

3.1. In The Abstract / Abstract Painting from A to Z / Beginner to Advanced

Date & Time:  Mondays, 10am-1pm

A new course providing the groundwork for students interested in learning the ideas, methods and techniques used to create abstract paintings. The class will provide information on how to make use of acrylic paints and mediums. Demonstrations will include how to select surfaces,paints and mediums that support experimentation that leads to developing a new visual vocabulary. Students will learn ways to select, develop and experiment with source materials and visual ideas. A materials list will be provided on registration.

3.2. The Drawing Studio : Drawing forms the foundation for all visual expression

Date & Time:   Mondays, 7pm-10 pm

This class is designed to introduce students to the language of drawing. Line, shape, tone, and color makeup the elements. The class will provide instruction in the use of techniques and materials employed to make drawings of various objects. Constructing a three dimensional illusion, learning to use dark lights and greys to create convincing 3d drawings, developing a vocabulary of line shape and tone will provide a foundation for all future works.

3.3. The Life Drawing Studio

Date & Time:  Tuesdays: morning 10am-1pm or evenings 7-pm-10pm

This Winter session will focus on learning how to establish a sound three dimensional form necessary to express the figures mass and character. Making use of a three dimensional shape vocabulary students will move from gesture to fully articulated sculptural drawings. Class demonstrations, individual and group critiques will help establish the fundamental drawing practices that will lead to individual expression based on a solid foundation of the figures expressive potential and inherent beauty.

3.4. The Painting Studio / Beginners & Experienced Level 1

Date & Time:  Wednesdays, 10am-1pm

The inherent working properties of Acrylic paints and mediums provide an excellent opportunity for learning the basic skill sets associated with rendering and image in paint. Paint application and mixing, underpainting, color mixing, glazing techniques, creating textures and surfaces, are all covered in class demonstrations and a series of painting projects. Students will work from objects, still life set ups and photo references. Level 2 - Students will focus on the relationship between form and idea in choosing painting methods and in developing personal images. Emphasis will be on fostering an awareness of the unique qualities of paint and its ability to communicate visual messages and with aspirations and substance of painting as the continual goal.

3.5. The Abstraction Studio

Date & Time:  Wednesdays, 2pm-5pm

This class is 12 weeks and is intended for those working on their own and bringing in paintings for discussion and critique.