Painting: Generations Series 12

Bill Porteous MFA

Born: Tarytown New York 1946

Education: MFA Otis Art Institute Painting, Lithography, L.A., Calif.

BFA Otis Art Institute

Associate of Arts, Fine Arts Major, El Camino College, Torrance, Calif.

From the beginning Porteous's work has embraced abstraction as an overriding approach to art making. From his earliest figurative sculptures and paintings to his first abstract paintings in the mid 60's his work has continued to explore the idea that painting is a philosophical ground of inquiry. Rejecting the deconstruction of painting as an easy way out, his works take shape within the limitations inherent in painting on a defined surface. While embracing the inherent phenomenological properties of color, shape, value and surface, his works are informed by a lifelong interest in music and baseball.

Bill's current body of work include the Generations Series. This latest work on paper is evidence of his innovative and rigorous approach to painting. " For me composition is of prime importance in creating a work of art." Working with a set of established limitations his work is constantly evolving from a dialogue between visual elements, shifting emphasis between color and shape and gesture. He has employed a lateral methodology, sometimes creating areas within the surface structure that will work as catalyst for later painterly events. The sequence in which paint is layered and applied produces variations within a given structure. The various series of paintings on paper are the result of experiments that explore these variants. Beginning with a predefined order the works take shape through a series of interactions within the act of painting. Much like a jazz musician playing a solo built on an established melody, moving, diverting and finding a way back into the ensemble of musical voices, on occasion the painting transcends the painter, his intentions and the medium in which it was created.

  • Bill's works are represented in Los Angeles through the William Turner Gallery.
  • His work can be viewed at his studio in Victoria by appointment and at D'Ambrosio + Urbanism Architecture, Victoria BC.
  • Works are also available through the AGGV Art Rental Program.