Arc Bridge Paintings

The Arc Bridge Paintings consist of four different paintings, all approximately 20’ x 4’, located in each of the four enclosed bridges that connect the two sections of the Arc Building at the Selkirk Waterfront. Each piece is comprised of remixed sections from the temporary art installation Prelude. It also includes new sections created to unify and enhance these chosen parts.

The paintings exist in a transitory space with a view on one side overlooking the buildings rear parking spaces. The client expressed a desire for a visual event that would call attention to the architectural bridge that joins the building’s curved upper floors. The Arc Bridge Paintings are illuminated at night with gallery lighting, creating a visual event that invites a pause and attracts patrons moving through the space to the restaurant across the street. The paintings also provide a visual interlude for the social workers and government employees as they traverse the bridges going to and from their daily routines, offering a poetic experience to delight and engage.  

Client: Jawl Enterprises
Architect: D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism
2955 Jutland Road  
Victoria, British Columbia

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