Spring Schedule 2019  
Ongoing Registration
for 6 or 12 week Sessions

In the Abstract

April 8 - May 13 6 weeks 
May 20 - June 24 6 weeks April 8 - June 24 12 weeks

The Drawing Studio

April 8 - May 13 6 weeks
May 20 - June 24 6 weeks April 8 - June 24 12 weeks

The Life Drawing Studio

April 9 - May 14 6 weeks
May 21 - June 25 6 weeks April 9 - June 25 12 weeks

The Painting Studio

April 10 - May 15 6 weeks
May 22 - June 26 6 weeks April 10 - June 26 12 weeks

The Abstraction Studio

April 10 - June 26


Summer Schedule 2019  

About Face : Portrait Painting Revisited

July 8 - July 12 

Colour as Phenomena 

July 22 - 26


August 19 - 23


Studio Mentorship Program

I have been mentoring artists and art students within the context of the art classes that I offer for the past 45 years. I am now offering mentorship to current students as well as artists who are looking to develop and deepen their own art practice. Mentorship works when there is a foundation of trust and mutual respect within clearly defined intentions and a commitment to a set of working principles.

To learn more about my studio mentorship program click here

Bill Porteous holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles California. He has been teaching in Victoria since 1974. Bill has been a proud Canadian citizen since 1980.

In 1975 he helped establish the Victoria College of Art. Bill has also held teaching positions at the University of Victoria, Camosun College, University of Saskatchewan at Emma Lake, David Thompson University Centre in Nelson BC, and the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. In 1994 he established his Studio Art Program in Victoria and currently holds art classes at his Selkirk Waterfront Studio.

Bill has drawn on his 42 years of teaching and making art in shaping these classes; they are meant to provide a nurturing and creatively challenging environment for artistic growth.

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