I have been mentoring artists and art students within the context of the art classes that I offer for the past 46 years. I am now offering mentorship to current students as well as artists who are looking to develop and deepen their own art practice.

Mentorship works when there is a foundation of trust and mutual respect within clearly defined intentions and a commitment to a set of working principles.

Following are a set of Mentoring Principles that I have developed.

Awareness : In order to start a process that will provide meaningful assistance in achieving
a positive result individuals start by becoming aware of where their current creative process is succeeding and where and what needs to be strengthened. This step can reveal areas in the creative process that has been ignored and or needs consideration. This stage requires a review of current works, a dialogue regarding ones creative process, perceived successes and failures, and a fearless look at artistic achievements in relation to expectations.

Attention : After becoming aware of what needs consideration the work starts with paying attention to areas in need of improvement or refinement.
Putting into place a creative strategy and commitment to acquiring new skills, a healthy internal dialogue, and a clear focus on a strong set of new and improved working principles.

Action: Awareness and Attention are not enough, there needs to be a commitment and a willingness to put into Action the plan that makes use of Awareness and Attention. This stage is often where mentorship is most intense.
As a mentor I will provide an ongoing dialogue that has been shaped and informed by our experience in developing a creative process tailored to your individual goals and aspirations.

Mentorship Fees : Individual 1 hour sessions $150 + gst


A class using an iPad and Apple Pencil with the Procreate application for Drawing and Painting.

Level 1

An introduction to the basics. Learn how to utilize the many features Procreate offers. Explore techniques to create your own drawings & paintings using your iPad + Procreate.

My classes are designed to help art students and artists alike learn how to make use of Procreate.

I believe that you can learn a great deal making use of a few of the many features available in Procreate without having to master the vast array of options provided.

A basic understanding of the Drawing and Painting tools and features in Procreate and how they can be used in developing and extending your Creative Process is the goal.

I am drawing on my 47 years of teaching Drawing, Painting, Life Drawing and Abstraction and my 10 years of experience using my iPad in teaching and in making Digital Paintings using Procreate.

Over time you will experience how to build on what you have learned and how to make use of Procreates more advanced features.

Individual Fee : $150 1 hour ZOOM sessions
2 Artist $135 1 hour ( 30 min each )

Zoom - Online Art Classes / MENTORSHIP  

Format: Online ( Live Zoom Sessions )

For class start dates and availability Please email Bill at

Daytime: WEDNESDAYS 2 - 5 pm PDT $450 + GST

Wednesday Group for artists whose body of work is rooted in Abstraction in all its dimensions.

To be included in this Abstraction Mentor Class artists are asked to submit 12 images of current work in their chosen medium ( Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture )
and after review they will be notified within a week. My criteria is based on wether the work is at a level of development comparable to the peer group they would be joining.

This is of course is based on my subjective opinion and not a reflection on the success or validity of anyones personal expression.

In this class we focus on each artist intention and working principles as they are revealed in the works they present each week for discussion within the group lead by myself.

Through dialogue each week I provide critical and supportive feedback regarding formal content as well as technique and expression always in relation to the artists work and self described working process and intentions.

I also attempt to place the work in the larger context of historical precedents and artistic innovations as well as current Art World perspectives on the nature of subject, modes of expression and content.

What kind of brushes or materials are used and how to use them are not the primary focus but rather the artists own sensibility in regards to their developing visual vocabulary and creative process.

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