Emerging Spheres

Emerging Spheres was created to embrace the framework of the main exposed staircase of 2950 Jutland Road, a mixed-use complex. The idea for the piece developed as the artist became familiar with the space described by the stairs as they spiral down the central void of the stairwell.

Desiring a form that could provide a counterpoint to the angularity of the stairs, Porteous decided on a spherical form made of stainless steel that would interface between different geometries without creating a conflicting presence. The void created by the function of the stairs as a vertical pathway provided an opportunity to reflect on and embrace the verticality of the space.

Light plays a role in varying the visual array of the finished piece, further extending the dialogue between the angular and curved surfaces. Reflection plays with perception as passers-by outside look in through the glass wall.

It is the architect’s hope that Emerging Spheres will often attract the building’s occupants to elect to use the stairs rather than the elevator, and that the illuminated stair tower will become a local landmark animating the streetscape, especially at night. It is the artist’s hope that one might experience a moment of delight, a pause, in viewing the pattern created by the ascending spheres as they travel up through their glass house.

Client: Jawl Enterprises
Architect: D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism
2950 Jutland Road
Victoria, British Columbia

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