Bill Porteous holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Lithography from the Otis Art Institute , Los Angeles California. He has been teaching in Victoria since 1974. Bill has been a proud Canadian citizen since 1980.

In 1975 he helped establish the Victoria College of Art. Bill has also held teaching positions at the University of Victoria, Camosun College, University of Saskatchewan at Emma Lake, David Thompson University Centre in Nelson BC, and the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. In 1994 he established his Studio Art Program in Victoria.

Bill has drawn on his 46 years of teaching and making art in shaping these classes; they are meant to provide a nurturing and creatively challenging environment for artistic growth.


Starting in September 2020 my Art Classes will be offered over the internet.
I will be offering a NEW CLASS for Artists using an Ipad Pro / The PROCREATE ARTIST STUDIO.

Online Zoom Sessions

Individual and Group Classes in Drawing, Painting, The Figure and Abstraction as well as Group and Individual Mentoring Sessions.

My Art offerings will be posted @ on this site.

For Information on class content and fees
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International Students Welcome


I have been mentoring artists and art students within the context of the art classes that I offer for the past 46 years. I am now offering mentorship to current students as well as artists who are looking to develop and deepen their own art practice.

Mentorship works when there is a foundation of trust and mutual respect within clearly defined intentions and a commitment to a set of working principles.

Following are a set of Mentoring Principles that I have developed.

Awareness : In order to start a process that will provide meaningful assistance in achieving
a positive result individuals start by becoming aware of where their current creative process is succeeding and where and what needs to be strengthened. This step can reveal areas in the creative process that has been ignored and or needs consideration. This stage requires a review of current works, a dialogue regarding ones creative process, perceived successes and failures, and a fearless look at artistic achievements in relation to expectations.

Attention : After becoming aware of what needs consideration the work starts with paying attention to areas in need of improvement or refinement.
Putting into place a creative strategy and commitment to acquiring new skills, a healthy internal dialogue, and a clear focus on a strong set of new and improved working principles.

Action: Awareness and Attention are not enough, there needs to be a commitment and a willingness to put into Action the plan that makes use of Awareness and Attention. This stage is often where mentorship is most intense.
As a mentor I will provide an ongoing dialogue that has been shaped and informed by our experience in developing a creative process tailored to your individual goals and aspirations.

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