The Drawing Studio

A comprehensive fundamentals class for beginners and those with some experience designed to build skills in the elements and language of drawing: line, shape, tone/value, contour, gesture, modeling and rendering. There will be instruction in the use of charcoal, graphite, drawing chalks, conte crayon, chamois and blending stomps.

The emphasis is on developing the ability to observe and organize visual information in order to create images with a fully realized expression of three dimensions utilizing perspective, light sources, tonal structure and an intelligent use of composition.

January 6  - February 10  6 wks
February 17 - March 23    6 wks.
January 6 - March 23  12 weeks
$ 330 cdn.    Mondays   7pm - 9pm 6 weeks  
$ 595 cdn.    Mondays   7pm - 9 pm 12 weeks

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