The Life Drawing Studio

Level 1. Drawing from the model using traditional materials and techniques, students receive instruction in how to draw directly from the figure. Instruction is provided in how to describe and recognize the major anatomical landmarks that make up the figures overall structure. Class work emphasises the relationship between anatomy, proportion, movement and expression. The goal is to develop a drawing discipline that will serve your creative instincts as you learn to model and render the figures beauty and underlying structure with understanding and confidence.

Demonstrations will cover all the major anatomical features including the head, hands and feet. We will build the figure using the shape and mass conceptions of ball, egg, cylinder and cube in relation to torso, head and limbs. This process is meant to support the translation and expression of our feelings and experiences in response to the human form and all that it encompasses.

Level 2. Students are encouraged to explore expressive issues relating to the figure as subject and to investigate composition and style while developing a personal approach to making drawings from the figure. Fall session will include 3 extended poses of 4 hours.  

January 7th  - February 11  6 wks
February 18 - March 24  6 weeks
January 7th - March 24  12 weeks
$ 330 cdn.    Tuesday   10am - 1pm or evening 7pm - 10pm 
+ $50 life model fee per student
 $595 cdn. Tuesday 10am - 1pm or evening 7pm - 10pm
+ $50 life model fee per student

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