Wu Li Patterns of Organic Energy

The painting project titled “WuLi“ was created in response to the glass box lobby at the Gatehouse Building in the Selkirk Waterfront.

The painting consists of twelve 6.5’ x 4’ individual canvases that made reference to the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, and Metal. The references stemmed from an interest and experience of the Chinese system of elemental energies.

The painting installation measuring 13 feet high and 24 feet long is abstract in nature and exists at various levels of focus. Seen from both the interior space of the lobby and from the surrounding buildings and streetscape it acts as a counterpoint to the neutral color palette of the lobby interior. A wall of shifting colour and pattern takes place as one traverses the light box. On entering the lobby one is afforded an opportunity to discover a more intimate scale of organic surfaces and painterly episodes unseen from a distance. 

Client: Jawl Enterprises
Architect: D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism
395 Waterfront Crescent
Victoria, British Columbia

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